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Spare parts

We carry a broad range of parts for most Jaguar models including...
S Type
X Type
and more...


Stearing racks
Stearing boxes
Stearing pumps
Wiper motors
Aux air valves V12
Water pumps
Harmonic balancers
and more...

Reconditioned and remanufactured

Brake systems
and more...

About Us

Cathouse Jaguar Spares entered the automotive marketplace in February 1988 specializing in indepentent Jaguar spare parts supply. Since then we have been importing spare parts from England, Europe and the USA. Assisting clients in the supply of parts and advice in the building of thousands of Jaguar cars over the years.

The owner of Cathouse, Bob Wiseman, has been in the automotive industry since 1969 when he assisted in the family business Bond-All-Brakes which was started in 1964 by Bob's father Clarrie.  The company supplied exchange rebonded brake shoes, brake master and wheel cylinders, exchange brake boosters and machined drums and discs.  This service is still available to this day.

In 1987 Bob's passion for Jags began with his 1st Jaguar, a Mark II 3.8 manual o/drive which he lovingly restored.  Along the way people began to ask him about spare parts for their Jags and Cathouse was born.
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